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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much do MS Movers Cost?
  2. What forms of payment do you accept for your moves?
  3. What do movers do?
  4. How long does moving in Tulsa take?
  5. What size truck do I need when moving?
  6. Is there a checklist for moving?
  7. How can I save money when hiring movers?

1.  How much do MS Movers Cost?

At MS Moving Company in Tulsa, our hourly rate for two movers and a truck is $109. For larger or specialty moves that require more than two movers, we charge a flat $75 an hour for each additional mover — no hidden fees! This includes all moves within Tulsa and its free service area (determined through a combination of average drive times and mileage). For any moves that fall out of the free service area, there will be an additional transportation fee that varies and is based on a combination of average drive time and mileage. Your moving price includes:

  • Two movers
  • Insurance
  • The moving truck with all the wraps, pads, and tools necessary to finish the job
  • Disassembly and reassembly of all the necessary pieces of furniture to move it damage-free

We do everything in our power to make the moving process painless and as smooth as possible. If your move requires more than the minimum time requirement, we charge per mover in 15-minute increments — so you never pay for more time than you actually need!

If you’re thinking we’re too expensive compared to other moving companies, you should know that most of the time, we only look more expensive. Other movers in Tulsa will quote you a lower per-hour rate, then charge you later for all sorts of things you thought were included — not us! We include everything you need in our hourly rate so you know what you’ll be paying, and there are no surprises that add stress to your move

2.  What Form of Payment do you accept for your Service?

We accept all major credit cards but DO NOT accept cash, checks, gold bars, or
that fancy space money stuff they call bit coin.

Companies that need to pay by check for an office-move can contact our office ahead of time to confirm a check is acceptable.

3.  What do Movers Do?

At MS Moving Company, we’re a full-service moving company, which means we handle everything involved with your move on moving day. This includes everything from packing your belongings, loading them onto our moving trucks, and unloading your belongings to their rightful place in your new home or apartment.

4.  How Long Does Moving in Tulsa Take?

Moving on average can take around 7 hours — but move times can vary wildly! Our minimum moving time is 2.5 hours with two movers and we can do plenty of smaller apartments in that time. On the other hand, we also do moves for homes and businesses that can stretch across an entire week. The time it takes to move is dependent on the size of your move, the distance between your moving from and moving to locations, and whether or not more than one stop needs to be made.

5.  What Size Truck Do I Need when Moving in Tulsa? The size of the moving truck you’ll need for your move will depend on the size of your home or apartment, the number of rooms, and the amount of stuff you have. Moving truck rental sites share rather unhelpful guidelines only based on the number of rooms a home or apartment has. However, these aren’t very helpful as it depends more on the square footage of the room and how much stuff you have inside. To more accurately determine the right size of truck you need for moving you’ll want to ask yourself the following questions:
  • How many rooms are you moving? How many of these are bedrooms with mattresses or rooms with large furniture?
  • If you’ve started packing, how many boxes are you moving?
  • How big is your furniture? Do you have any oversized furniture?
  • Do you have any fragile belongings that need special treatment?
Luckily at MS Moving Company, we take this stress off your plate! All of our trucks are 26-foot box trucks with large custom moving bodies installed on the chassis. These trucks can fit the contents equivalent to the average 1800 square foot home. During our quoting process, we ask you all the important questions about your move so we can accurately determine the right truck size (or number of trucks) needed for your move — get your free moving quote today!

6.  Is there a Checklist for Moving?

A moving checklist is extremely helpful for a stress-free move. Our expert movers have created a Smart Move Checklist so you can be sure you’re not forgetting anything during the entire moving process.

7.  How Can I Save Money When Hiring Movers?

A moving budget is important, but it shouldn’t be the reason your move has to be stressful! The best way to save money on a move is to do as much prep work as possible before your movers arrive and reduce the amount of small miscellaneous items to be moved. This means prepping furniture if possible (such as disassembling more complex furniture like bunk beds or workout equipment) and making sure most of it is boxed up and ready to go.

If you have a bunch of floating small stuff such as lamps, hanging wall art, and garage items, you can save money on your move by taking a few trips in your own personal car and moving these items yourself.

It’s typically all the small miscellaneous stuff that takes movers the longest to move. When movers only have to focus on the larger items and boxes, the move will go much faster.

Additional Tips to Save on Your Next Move:

  • Organize and remove junk so you’re not moving unnecessary items.
  • Pack as much as you can yourself.
  • Take advantage of free boxes (we supply boxes at cost).
  • Move on a slower day or not during peak moving season (if possible).
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