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What Not To Put In Your Moving Truck

Moving is a strenuous task. By day 4 you become so sick and tired of all the packing that you just want to shove everything from your home into a box and have it relocated by yourself or a Tulsa Moving Company. But doing so could be a grave mistake. There are some things that you just cannot include in the boxes that are going in the moving van. Having improper items in the moving van, even if boxed up, could result in endangering the driver of the vehicle as well as not following many state to state laws.

The following items should not be moved in a moving van:

Inflammable items

Anything that is inflammable will be on your Tulsa moving company’s blacklist. The Tulsa movers will ask you whether you are in possession of any inflammable such as weed sprays, fertilizers, gardening chemicals, paints, and detergents that you need to have relocated. If yes, then they may outright refuse to transport it to your new place. This is because the inside of the truck is extremely hot and the heat of the summer, or the early fall will only make the situation worse, especially if the truck is moving during the day.

Firearms and ammunition

In a lot of states, the transportation of guns and ammunition is against the law. Though the policies can vary a lot from state to state, you can still get into a lot of issues if the Department of Transportation finds out after an inspection of the truck. Often, many moving companies to do not allow their Tulsa movers to even transport guns and ammunition for safety reasons. If you really wish to get all the firearms and ammunition shifted, make sure that the company that you are working with has the license to do so - or simply tackle the issue yourself.


A lot of states do not allow the movers to transport plant unless they are being moved through specific carriers who are qualified for that. Although they won't explode like flammable products or go off like a gun, the plants carry bugs and other parasites that could cause damage to the truck, other things in the truck, and also the driver as well as the environmental factors of where you are moving. After all, you wouldn’t want a pest to be nestled into your sofa, now would you?

Medication and important documents

Not including medications is one of the most obvious things to do, along with guns and ammunition. The medications could get overheated and damaged under the humidity of the tightly closed truck and the heat of the afternoon. This could either be very bad or highly life-threatening depending on the drugs. All medications and documents for them should be stored on your being. And keep all medical documents with you as well.

Personal Documents

Checkbooks, legal documents, accounting papers, property documents, passports, insurance policies, deeds, birth and death certificates, etc. should be in your possession because they can easily get lost between all the packing and unpacking. Keep all your accounting documents with you as well for security purposes.  There are a lot of things that are highly sensitive in nature, that should not be put in the hands of someone else. Try to find some other alternative when it comes to transporting them.

We hope you find this list helpful for your next move. Our goal is to keep you and your property, as well as our Tulsa movers, safe and out of harm’s way.